Exams and Diplomas


Today we have received from Accademia Italiana di Lingua (AIL) the results and the diplomas of the last exams of some of our students – all of them succesful.

AIL is a non profit organization which – since 1982 – organizes exams of Italian as second language, at all the levels of the ELP (from A1 to C2, plus two commercial italian exams), in various countries.

As Scuola Toscana is member of this organisation, the students at Scuola Toscana can prepare and sit for these exam. It is a great idea to complete a cycle of studies, because with this AIL official diploma one can really prove where is arrived with her/his studies.

Moreover, it is interesting and motivating to do a preparation course together with some friends and then feel the thrill to participate in the exam… find more information also here !

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