Things I Learned while Learning Italian

Some good advices for everyone out there who is thinking about learning Italian…

Prayers and Piazzas

Recently I celebrated three years of officially studying Italian! And while I still feel like a baby on my language journey, I also know that linguistically, and more important, spiritually, I have come a long way.

I never planned to learn Italian, despite having grown up with a grandfather who emigrated from Southern Italy when he was a teenager, and spoke with a rich, thick accent for the 60 years that he lived here in America. Certainly I wasn’t looking to fill time. With three kids in three different schools and competitive sports in the evenings, my days — and nights — were spent primarily behind the steering wheel.

Still, one day, my husband innocently enough suggested we learn Italian before our family’s summer trip to Italy, and that little nudge sparked a passion in me which caught me completely by surprise.

In sharing this post, my intent is not to encourage you…

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Cafè Corner


This is one of the preferred spots for the students at Scuola Toscana; when they have just 5 minutes between one lesson and another, they can grab a coffee and a snack from the vending machine and sit here for a while – maybe having a look at the program of the monthly activities…