Scuola Toscana : the movie

When a prospective student proposed us to shoot a movie about the school – for free, we did not give too much weight to the offer: many students are too nice and offer their professional abilities to us, and then they lose themselves in the beauties of Florence…

But when some months later Mrs Dawn Dubriel, from Los Angeles, CA., showed at the secretary of Scuola Toscana with a professional tripod – and an even more professional camera, we started to think that maybe there was something… after that, we heard that some of our students and teachers were interviewed – and then, we received a project for our interview as directors: we realised that it was for real – the next thing, we were in front of the camera talking about Scuola Toscana, Florence, the students, and so on.

Now, after the film has been edited, we can guarantee that the young Mrs Dubriel is a professional filmmaker – just have a look at the movie yourself !

Scuola Toscana : the movie

The only weak spot is us, the wooden directors, Mrs Dubriel tried hard but our performance did not improve too much, but do not worry: Scuola Toscana 2 is already in the works…

Switzerland again

This time I was doing exams in Brig, Switzerland – few kilometers from the Italian border. It was a perfect 4-hrs train ride from Florence, with two nice colleagues Lorenza and Sara.

Exams in Brig is a “classic” – since 10 years I’ve been doing exams here at the Kollegium Spiritus Sanctus – every teacher’s dream school, a spacious, luminous, eco-building settled among the Swiss mountains.

Kollegium Spiritus Sanctus, Switzerland

Here we do mostly DELI exam, for more than hundred students.

Every year I have the occasion to work together with Swiss instructors of Italian, who are perfectly bilingual (this is an area where three languages, Swiss-german, Italian and French meet and mix).

the "AIL posse" in Brig

The students are always well prepared, the director, Giuliano Andri, is always a perfect host, and to be here is almost a vacation !

Seminar at Scuola Toscana Firenze

seminar at Scuola Toscana
Not only Italian : at Scuola Toscana we hosted the ISI school from Tokyo, to present “Travel study in Japan”…
Mrs Arai was very professional and lively, at the end of the seminar there were many questions and, last but not least, one of the participants won a week of sojourn in Japan !
Alla Scuola Toscana continuano gli incontri internazionali, questa volta è stato il turno di ISI Tokyo, la scuola di lingua giapponese in Giappone partner di Scuola Toscana: un seminario interessante e divertente, grazie all’entusiasmo e alla professionalità di Hiroko Arai… alla fine, uno dei partecipanti ha vinto una settimana di soggiorno studio a Tokyo !