Scuola Toscana in Tokyo, 2

Salone dell’Italiano is over, we were more than happy with our participation, lot of people came to our stand so that our representatives Minae and Maki did not even have time for a break ! Interesting: 50% of visitors at the stand were “senior” students, 50 years + .

As always with the fairs, in the next weeks and months we will realize if the success of public will be also a success in selling our courses… hope so !

New Home(Page) for Scuola Toscana

After some years of honourable service, our Internet site retires, and here comes the new one – it was ready more or less since May, but only now, with the low season, we dare to tackle the changeover (as for now, it looks we were lucky and did not experience any mayor problem).
Have a look here:

Like the old site, the new is too a work of Dr Duccio Guazzelli, a former (excellent) teacher at the Scuola Toscana turned web programmer around 10 years ago.
The new site should be more modern, faster, cleaner, easier to find for the search engines, and – easier for the directors to tinker with.

Therefore from now on, if there is something wrong or you do not find the necessary information, it is no more the webmaster fault, but just the directors’ fault…

Have a look and be so kind to leave us your opinion !

italian language course in Italy

We present our new blog:
We are a school of Italian language for foreigners, located in the historical center of Florence – Italy . We are recognized by the Italian ministry of education, as well as by the ASILS (National Association of Schools of Italian as Second Language) and AIL (Accademia Italiana di Lingua), and we work under the patronate of the City of Florence.

All our teachers and instructors have a degree at the Italian University,
have completed a training for teaching Italian as second language and are
AIL certified.

We offer different kinds of courses, from absolute beginners up to
perfecting. Moreover, we organize many extra-curricular activities as short
travels to nearby villages, excursions of history of art, video evenings,
parties with Italian people and so on. At the end of the courses every
student receives a certificate which states the attained knowledge of