Success story

For some student to come in Italy is the fulfilling of a dream, for others, at the beginning of their careers, the Italian language course at Scuola Toscana is just the starting point. It is beautiful when they share with us and our teachers their dreams, especially if these dreams involve Italy and the Italian language.

The Internship programme is one of these starting point… when a couple of years ago a Japanese student told me that he dreamed (he used this term, really) to get an Internship at Enoteca Italiana in Siena, we decided to give it a try and – thanks to the kindness of people at Enoteca – it worked !

Now our former student is at his 3rd year at Enoteca Italiana and waiting to formalize his final contract with them – in these years he has learned a lot, worked a lot, met a lot of people from allover the world – and he is writing a very succesful wine blog – just have a look at it here.

You can imagine how we at Scuola Toscana are very proud of our students !

Neverending services, at Scuola Toscana

After a suggestion by our teachers, we deliver a new service for the students of Italian who participate in the (famous) activities at Scuola Toscana: the possibility to contact the guide on duty, any moment the student needs to.

The devil is in the details, they say: no tour, no activity is so well planned that a mishap cannot happen. Moreover, even the most precise student can be late… what to do if the group has already left ? If you do not find the meeting point ? 

From now on, the students can always contact the Scuola Toscana guide, real time, thanks to an”activity phone” ( number: 3888183380 ). If you want to know which activity we are doing today, if you have decided to enrole, if you want to know the price, or the meeting point of an activity… and more, if you are late and want to know where the group is, or if you just want to join them at a determinate place without starting from the school, now you have only to call the “activity phone”.

 It is a simple idea that for sure will spare some headaches – and give another advantage to the Scuola Toscana students !!!

actvities with scuola toscana

Italian in Italy, new activities !

Christmas Holidays are almost over and at Scuola Toscana we are ready to start again !
Of course, all the good things of the previous years will be confirmed, but we are going to try also new projects.

One of the new activity will be a “Florence biking experience”, together with our friend, and bicycle expert Filippo (who happens to be also a Florence certified guide).

As a matter of fact, biking in Florence is usually a double-sided experience: while it allows you to arrive from A to B very very fast, even during the taffic rush hour, it can be very dangerous (and I mean it) if you leave the bicycle paths – and there are not much of them in Florence. <
Therefore, better to wear an helmet and be very careful… yours faithfully has been bycicling in Florence for 30 years (see picture) and still marvel at how car drivers in Florence are able to totally ignore someone on a bicycle.

However, with our guided tours you will be more than safe, as we go on selected routes, at a leisurely pace, with many stops and lots of things to see. The tours will be not only in Florence but also in Chianti, Lucca, along the Via Francigena, along the Arno river.