About the italian language specialist

director of a school of italian language located in Florence, Italy - director of schools of Japanese in Florence and Milan

Ancora Opera / Opera, again

Le attività del pomeriggio sono uno dei punti di forza della Scuola Toscana, alcune sono proprio esclusive ! Fra queste, gli ascolti dell’Opera Italiana, ed ecco dunque che abbiamo un cartellone delle prossime: Lucia di Lammermoor, Don Giovanni, Nozze di Figaro… con l’intervento della cantante Yuko Ishitsuka !

The afternoon activities are one of the strengths at Scuola Toscana, and some of them are really exclusive! Among these, the listening seminar about the Italian Opera, and here we have a programm of the next weeks: Lucia di Lammermoor, Don Giovanni, Nozze di Figaro … guest star, the Japanese singer Yuko Ishitsuka!

Pausa Caffè / Coffee Corner

Ancora una novità per i nostri studenti, un angolo caffé dove ci si può fare un caffè ( o un té ) da soli, con il nostro semplice bollitore, le nostre tazze – caffè e tè offerto dalla scuola – chiediamo solo di lavare le tazze dopo l’uso (naturalmente non utilizziamo bicchieri di plastica usa e getta) e tenere pulito, per i colleghi !


Another novelty for our students, a coffee corner where everyone can make a coffee (or a tea), with our simple kettle, our cups, and with coffee and tea offered by the school – we just ask to wash the cups after use (of course, we didn’t want to use disposable plastic cups, there is always too much of plastic allover ) and keep the place clean for the other students !






Italian is the language of music, from the time signatures (presto, andante, con brio, vivace) to the Opera librettos. Did you know that Lorenzo daPonte, author of the Mozart’ Don Giovanni libretto, born Emanuele Conegliano, became the first Professor in Italian Language at Columbia University ?

Our course ‘Italian language for the Opera’ is for everyone : professional and amateur singers, Opera fans, students of music, musicians, and everyone else who is interested in the world of Italian melodrama.

The lessons are taught by an expert Italian language instructor who doubles as music critic,  and include a social and historical introduction, a study of the plots and the characters ( with the help of some historical sketches of costumes, see above pic ) the reading and understanding of librettos, and of course lot of listening: comparative listening of various editions, of various voices, of various conductors, from a vast collection of CDs and recording.  All this in the specially equipped classroom, with high fidelity stereo system. A joy for the ears, a joy for the soul !


2018: our booklets have taken on color! And of course we could not forget our city, and its monuments.  Santa Croce, Battistero, Palazzo Vecchio – and coming soon: San Giovanni cathedral.  Four booklets, six levels, from A1 through C2, the whole Italian language grammar explained.

The basic content did not change, but it is always updated, thanks to the work of our teachers and the feedback from the students: to secure a continuous improvement. Included in the price of the course, naturally.