Happy few in Pienza


A (very) special activity, for the students of the Corso Pluriennale, students who are at Scuola Toscana since many months and who have already been everywhere … almost.


And also an activity meant for the Tuscany addicted, who never grow tired of villages, cypress and altarpieces, a dreamlike midwinter trip to Pienza and Montepulciano, guided by the instructor Lorenzo

Last but not least, all these special activities are special also because we find always the time to enjoy the Tuscan food and wine.



New Home(Page) for Scuola Toscana

After some years of honourable service, our Internet site http://www.scuola-toscana.com retires, and here comes the new one – it was ready more or less since May, but only now, with the low season, we dare to tackle the changeover (as for now, it looks we were lucky and did not experience any mayor problem).
Have a look here:


Like the old site, the new is too a work of Dr Duccio Guazzelli, a former (excellent) teacher at the Scuola Toscana turned web programmer around 10 years ago.
The new site should be more modern, faster, cleaner, easier to find for the search engines, and – easier for the directors to tinker with.

Therefore from now on, if there is something wrong or you do not find the necessary information, it is no more the webmaster fault, but just the directors’ fault…

Have a look and be so kind to leave us your opinion !

High season at ScuolaToscana

This is high season at Scuola Toscana, therefore there was not time to update this blog.

Sorry, we will back as soon as possible !

Meanwhile, as promised, here are the questions of the recent quiz we hold in Japan… try to answer if you like, next time the answers !

1.Millions of tourists come every year to Florence to see the statue of a naked guy. What’ s the statue’s name and who made it ?

2.Close to Scuola Toscana there is a narrow street named “via Torta”. “Torta” means crooked, and, as a matter of fact, this street makes a very strange curve. Why ?

3.Florence is well known in the world as a capital of Renaissance art, thank to huge investments of the family Medici.
Among these names, which one does not belong to any Medici ?
Anna Maria Luisa

4. One of the most importants dishes of the Florentine cuisine is the so-called “Ribollita”. Which is the main ingredient of the Ribollita ?

5.Which is the most Michelin-starred restaurant in Florence ?

6.Which is the name of the area close to Florence which gives the name to the most famous Florentine wine ?

7.Fiorentina is the name of the soccer team of Florence. When did this team win the Italian Serie A League ?

8.Florence is also one of the capital of fashion. Which one of these fashion houses was not born in Florence ?

Have a try !

Scuola Toscana in Japan again!

Later than usual we were in Japan also this year; still a bit jet-lagged and after 2 hrs of Shinkansen from Tokyo, I was excited to present Scuola Toscana at the KCC Kobe Shimbun Bunka Center

Every year we try to find something new to present our courses: this year, thanks to Gerda and Gabriele brilliant idea, I presented a quiz about Florence; seven questions, ranging from very easy to almost impossible, and for every answer there was a small presentation of a “special course” at Scuola Toscana (art history course, fashion and design course, Florence discovery course, Internship course, wine and cooking course)

Given that two students finished on a tie, there was the suplementary final question (“guess: how old is the director ?”) to award the first prize (a bottle of Chianti…) The answer remained confidential, of course !

Last but not least, some further information about the school and Tuscan fingerfood for all the participants

… many thanks to Eri Nawate (Accademia della cultura italiana) who made it possible, and Minae Okada for the translation and organisation in Kobe !

Scuola Toscana : the movie

When a prospective student proposed us to shoot a movie about the school – for free, we did not give too much weight to the offer: many students are too nice and offer their professional abilities to us, and then they lose themselves in the beauties of Florence…

But when some months later Mrs Dawn Dubriel, from Los Angeles, CA., showed at the secretary of Scuola Toscana with a professional tripod – and an even more professional camera, we started to think that maybe there was something… after that, we heard that some of our students and teachers were interviewed – and then, we received a project for our interview as directors: we realised that it was for real – the next thing, we were in front of the camera talking about Scuola Toscana, Florence, the students, and so on.

Now, after the film has been edited, we can guarantee that the young Mrs Dubriel is a professional filmmaker – just have a look at the movie yourself !

Scuola Toscana : the movie

The only weak spot is us, the wooden directors, Mrs Dubriel tried hard but our performance did not improve too much, but do not worry: Scuola Toscana 2 is already in the works…

Scuola Toscana to the seaside !

In spite of the odd weather (looks like we got a monsoon season in Florence…) we went to the Viareggio with our teacher Lavinia and had a sunny day !

Viareggio is a pleasant Mediterranean city one hour by train from Florence, with a nice promenade full of shops and beautiful, clean waters (note: clean does not mean transparent, sandy coast like in Viareggio means you can have cloudy waters; viceversa, sometimes transparent waters does not mean clean…)

Anyway, a good place also to take a bath, even if you are not a swimmer !

Thank you to Lavinia for the nice pics.

Learning Italian at the Enoteca

For students who stay in Italy for a long time, Internship programme is surely one of the best ways to learn Italian.

With the Internship Programme at Scuola Toscana, the students attend Italian classes in the morning and spend the evenings as trainees in cafes, restaurants, shops, to practice the language and to learn the special lexicon needed at work. To talk with Italian bosses, colleagues, and especially with Italian customers is a great way to improve the knowledge of the real language – really “learning by doing”. No simulations, no roleplaying, this is the real thing.
It is interesting and satisfying, but it requires a good amount of commitment : you go to the school in the morning, have your homework to do, and in the evening you go to work, to learn other skills, always immerse in no-stop Italian. As with all the works, some days can be harder than other days…rewarding but challenging. Our student Izumi seems to be equal to the challenge: she is a very proficient student, comes to her classes every morning for the regular four hours a day course, and in the evening … goes on learning Italian, but at a different place, Enotria, an enoteca in the Porta a Prato area of Florence;

Enotria is a family business, founded 1989 as a wine bar and now a wine restaurant, which caters to office people at lunch and to wine amateurs at dinner. Scuola Toscana has a long-standing partnership with Enotria and Izumi is the third student of Scuola Toscana doing a stage there.

At Enotria Izumi perfects her skills as a wine expert, explaining Italian wines and their qualities to (enthralled) Italian customers.

A new hands-on course

filigrana fiorentina

At Scuola Toscana, we added a new hands-on course to our catalog: after Italian and drawing, Italian and painting, Italian and Fresco painting, students can attend an Italian and Jewellery Course !
Yesterday we signed a contract (ok, it was just an handshake) with Mr.Campaioli who leads the school of Jewellery and Goldsmithery Il Perseo.
It is a small group of Florentine craftsman, working in a nice, old-fashioned atelier. And is just round the corner of our school, “uscio e bottega” as we say in Florence.

It is another good opportunity for anyone who wishes to learn Italian and to have a real hands-on experience in Italian art and culture – a really unique one.
Price will be available in a couple of weeks on our Internet sites.

Diploma Intermedio di Lingua Commerciale

Everything went smooth, apart for a 5 minutes delay in the delivery of the papers for the esame auditivo and for a CD player whose tone was a bit too low. The 23 candidates were divided in three classes, to have more place, and there were three commission for the oral section.
The supervisors and the examiners were satisfied with the organisation and with the student’s performances.

The DILC Italian examination papers

The DILC Italian examination papers

Now, all the materials are back to the headquarters of Accademia Italiana di Lingua, where they will be checked and valued.
At the end of the months, the results…

Aperitivo at Scuola Toscana

It is winter in Florence, clear but cold, and windy.
We really wished to say “thank you” to all the students who are learning Italian at Scuola Toscana, and arranged an easy aperitivo at lunchtime…
This way, the old students could meet the new ones and we could present the afternoon and weekend activities.

Chips, slices of pizza, soft drinks, prosecco and spumante. The real wine was a Soianello Castello di Soiana.
It was a simple thing, but the students seems to have appreciated it!