Happy few in Pienza


A (very) special activity, for the students of the Corso Pluriennale, students who are at Scuola Toscana since many months and who have already been everywhere … almost.


And also an activity meant for the Tuscany addicted, who never grow tired of villages, cypress and altarpieces, a dreamlike midwinter trip to Pienza and Montepulciano, guided by the instructor Lorenzo

Last but not least, all these special activities are special also because we find always the time to enjoy the Tuscan food and wine.



Scuola Toscana in Barcelona

… yes, but this time without the students !

A good part of our staff and teachers decided to profit of a long weekend (friday 24th was San Giovanni, saint patron of Florence) and hopped to Barcelona, thanks to the organizative skills of Caterina, leader of history of art visits in Florence, and , evidently , also abroad.

At Scuola Toscana, our is really a good team !

Scuola Toscana to the seaside !

In spite of the odd weather (looks like we got a monsoon season in Florence…) we went to the Viareggio with our teacher Lavinia and had a sunny day !

Viareggio is a pleasant Mediterranean city one hour by train from Florence, with a nice promenade full of shops and beautiful, clean waters (note: clean does not mean transparent, sandy coast like in Viareggio means you can have cloudy waters; viceversa, sometimes transparent waters does not mean clean…)

Anyway, a good place also to take a bath, even if you are not a swimmer !

Thank you to Lavinia for the nice pics.

Scuola Toscana 2.0: the new reception desk

For everyone who is not at Scuola Toscana these days, the new desk has arrived, and it looks like this. Given the general dimensions of the school, it looks quite imposing, very white, a Moby Dick among the desks.

… you could even land a small airplane on it…


 Saturday – Trip to SIENA 

Students at the Scuola Toscana have been exploring Florence, its sorroundings, its culture for more than 15 years in the company of Scuola Toscana instructors. >From the world famous Gallery of the Uffizi to the golden hills of Chianti, from a hands-on pizza workshop to a seminar in Renaissance painting, Scuola Toscana offers unique activities that benefit from the experience and passion of our teachers and guides.

Every activity is designed and accompanied by an Italian teacher who is also an expert leader – with a deep knowledge of the field: Italian history, the Italian art, the Italian cuisine, Italian wine, Italian movies