The best Cinema in town

Sometimes to study, and to be immersed in a foreign language can be wearysome, even the best student needs some rest, also from the language. Why do not go to the movies ? The most beautiful movie theatre in Florence is the Odeon, which happens to offer many movies in foreign languages (mostly english, but also in French, and then Corean and Japanese during some festivals).


As happens in Florence, even to go to the movie is an art history experience. This cinema was built specifically to screen movies in 1922 – on the place of the former “Palazzo dello Strozzino”. DSCN1478Outside, it is Neo Renaissance style – inside, it has all the decoration in Art Noveau : chandeliers, mirrors, lanterns, stuccoes, even a glass dome.

DSCN1480You find the programme of the movies here

Don’t miss this real Florentine experience !