Il Passato Remoto

Qui potete scaricare gratuitamente alcuni esercizi in formato .PDF su un tempo verbale molto importante, il passato remoto. Essenziale per leggere in Italiano, il passato remoto presenta alcune difficoltà legate alla coniugazione. Provate a fare gli esercizi e poi verificateli con le soluzioni! In bocca al lupo!

La spiegazione completa di questo tempo così essenziale (e di molti altri utili argomenti di grammatica) si trova nel Quarto Libro di Scuola Toscana – Livello Avanzato, disponibile sul nostro shop online.

Non dimenticate che Scuola Toscana offre corsi online per tutti i livelli (su Zoom e su Skype). Per saperne di più, cliccate qui!

– Come si dice? Io scrivei o io scrissi? Scoprilo con i nostri esercizi!

Last man to speak his language

We want to close this 2017 with a thought for disappearing languages, through these six minutes of documentary by the New York Times.

For all of us who are working with languages, the thought of a disappearing language, together with the last persons who actually speak it, is particularly sad.

In these occasion you realise that there aren’t languages which are more important or less important, because every language forms, preserves and carries the ideas, the dreams, the cultural heritage of people.

That’s why our modest year-end appeal is for everyone out there, to study, to learn, to read, to speak, to write, many other languages.

Happy 2018 from Scuola Toscana !

Cursos de Cocina a Scuola Toscana


La cocina italiana es un universo rico de recetas tradicionales y creativas. Está dentro de la denominada “dieta mediterránea”.
Entre sus platos más comunes encontramos la pizza, la pasta y el risotto, pero no solo se basa en estas recetas , la cocina italiana es variada y muy deliciosa, en donde se reflejan abundantes olores y sabores del mediterráneo.
Para que aprendas a cocinar y utilizar bien los ingredientes de la cocina italiana, la Escuela Toscana ofrece maravillosos cursos de cocina a la vez que aprendes el idioma. Son 2 horas de lengua italiana por la mañana,y así conocer todos los productos en la lengua,y por las tardes son 3 horas largas en donde se cocina y prueban aquellos platos que se han realizado .

Se cocinarán desde platos típicos del norte de Italia,, esa maravillosa “polenta” de los norteños, pasando por la Italia central, con su fantástica “bisteca alla fiorentina”, y acabando por las típicas comidas des sur, como la sabrosa “pizza Margherita”.
Estos son solo unos ejemplos de platos que se podrán lavorar a lo largo de la semana, ya que la cocina italiana es muy amplia y se trabaja también con verduras, frutas, carnes y pescados, y sin olvidar esos magníficos postres como la “panna cotta”, recetas deliciosas fáciles de preparar , pero siendo necesária la preséncia de un experto en cocina italiana para que nos resuelva las dudas y demuestre como realmente cocinan nuenstros vecinos italianos .
Al final de cada clase realizarás un completo menú toscano compuesto de primer plato, segundo plato, y postre, disfrutando así todos los días de un a cena 100% estilo italiano.
Porque una virtud extraordinaria de los italianos es que saben cuidarse y comen muy sano y saludable.

Cabe destacar la famosa frase :


Puedes informarte en nuestra página web:


Exams and Diplomas


Today we have received from Accademia Italiana di Lingua (AIL) the results and the diplomas of the last exams of some of our students – all of them succesful.

AIL is a non profit organization which – since 1982 – organizes exams of Italian as second language, at all the levels of the ELP (from A1 to C2, plus two commercial italian exams), in various countries.

As Scuola Toscana is member of this organisation, the students at Scuola Toscana can prepare and sit for these exam. It is a great idea to complete a cycle of studies, because with this AIL official diploma one can really prove where is arrived with her/his studies.

Moreover, it is interesting and motivating to do a preparation course together with some friends and then feel the thrill to participate in the exam… find more information also here !


















最近、掲載しているイタリア語検定試験AILですが、スイスでは2007年より前回ご紹介したDILC-B1(中級ビジネスイタリア語レベル)がUFFT(Swiss Federal Office for professional education and technology)がスイス連邦全ての職業訓練校における第2公用語としてのイタリア語の卒業検定試験として認定されています。







Switzerland again

This time I was doing exams in Brig, Switzerland – few kilometers from the Italian border. It was a perfect 4-hrs train ride from Florence, with two nice colleagues Lorenza and Sara.

Exams in Brig is a “classic” – since 10 years I’ve been doing exams here at the Kollegium Spiritus Sanctus – every teacher’s dream school, a spacious, luminous, eco-building settled among the Swiss mountains.

Kollegium Spiritus Sanctus, Switzerland

Here we do mostly DELI exam, for more than hundred students.

Every year I have the occasion to work together with Swiss instructors of Italian, who are perfectly bilingual (this is an area where three languages, Swiss-german, Italian and French meet and mix).

the "AIL posse" in Brig

The students are always well prepared, the director, Giuliano Andri, is always a perfect host, and to be here is almost a vacation !