Week 3: High Frequency Words

Lexicon is the king if you want to really practice a language…

Prayers & Piazzas

This series focuses on Fluent Forever’s alphabetical list of the 625 most commonly used words in any language, presented 10 words at a time with their Italian translation.

“Not all words are created equal: we use certain words far more often than others…We get a lot of mileage out of our most frequent words…With only a thousand words [of your target language] you’ll recognize nearly 75 percent of what you read. With two thousand, you’ll hit 80 percent.”

–Gabriel Wyner, Fluent Forever

High Frequency 3

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Word bank: back (direction), bad, bag, ball, banana, band (music), bank, bar (location), bathroom, beach. Dietro; cattivo/cattiva; la borsa; la palla; la banana; la banda; la banca; il bar; il bagno/la toilette; la spiaggia.

Practice these high-frequency words on Quizlet.

Level: Give it a Try

  • The students walk dietro the teacher.
  • Go sul retro of the bus.
  • The little boy was very cattivo

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