Italian for business

You may not know that when Scuola Toscana started in 1989, we offered only courses of business Italian. We choose this specialization because, as directors who were also teachers, we exploited our double knowledge: of Italian language, and of the world of (small) business in Italy.


This is why you find this picture: since then, one of our best and most loyal customers is LKW Walter, the international forwarding agency located in Austria. 

Every year we host 5 or 6 or more of their employees (all of them already proficient in Italian and 3 or 4 other languages, very nice and serious young people). They attend a 6 hrs a day very intensive course, with 2 hrs of grammar, 2 hrs of conversation and 2 hrs business Italian a day. It is hard work for them, but in 2 weeks they have the satisfaction of getting great results.

For us and our teachers, it is always a pleasure to work with them !


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