Cooking Classes at Scuola Toscana

We get many requests about cooking courses, and Scuola Toscana has two main offers: the Italian Wine and Cooking Course and the Intensive Cooking Course. Which is the difference between the two courses ? Which one is suitable for whom ?22453632982_1dcf8f28d4_z

  1. The Wine and Cooking course. This is our original cooking course, based on a two-weeks module, and is composed by: in the morning, 4 hrs a day of Italian language (2 hrs grammar, 2 hrs conversation, according to the level of knowledge of Italian). Then, in the afternoon, there are  4 cooking lessons and 1 wine tasting in the 2 weeks of the course. and cooking courseUsually there are 2 lessons of cooking in the first week and 2 lessons of cooking in the second week. The wine tasting can be in the first or second week. The student can decide to switch one cooking class for a second wine tasting, or vice versa, can switch the wine tasting for a 5th cooking lesson. The Wine and Cooking Course is basicly a course in Italian language  (all levels, from beginners up to perfecting) with some cooking and wine lessons attached. It is recommended for clients who seriously want to study Italian but are also interested in bits of Italian cooking and wine culture. You can do it for 2 weeks or more. It is important to know in advance how long do you intend to do it so that you can decide a structured programme with your cooking instructor.
  2. Intensive Italian Cooking Course: this is for people more interested in the Italian cuisine than in the Italian language – also for them, who have just one week of time available (students who were professional cooks asked us for this kind of course). There are just 2 hrs of Italian language, usually in the afternoon, and the cooking class starts after, every day of the week, monday through friday – so it is a very compact and intensive course. 22279071100_d7eb6bd4cb_zThe basis is Italian cuisine with an accent on the Tuscan tradition, but if the student has particular necessities or request, is very important to know in advance so that is possible to design the course together with the instructor. The course is suitable for students who are strongly interested in the theory and practice of traditional Italian cooking – amateurs and professionals as well.

More questions ? Well, apply to our secretary, and we’ll be more than happy to give you all the further information you need !



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