Tool of the trade

We are not high-tech fanatics at Scuola Toscana, we are really convinced that the human being is at the centre of the teaching/learning experience and you do not need much more, therefore we invest a lot in teachers, in their improvement and in their well-being – not so much in technical items.


Anyway, whiteboards are basic tools of the trade for a school of Italian, while you can deliver a good lesson even without any support, just with your voice and your teaching skills, a piece of something where you can write down some words helps a lot. And the mood of the teachers (and of the students as well) improves a lot when they can write on a new, smooth, ample surface, like this.

A checkered surface, where you can even study chess problems…

Thi is the second board we replace this year, and the biggest, (2mt x 1mt). This one comes from an Italian firm, Ligra, and the specs say : “magnetic matt white enamel / enamel steel whiteboard processed at 800 ° ideal for the screening, it can also be used for writing with felt pens , erasable with umid cloth” – which -if true – would be a fantastic gift for your director, as these boards become very hard to be cleaned over time… let’see !



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