Internship in Florence

Among its programmes, Scuola Toscana offers to the students coming for many months the possibility to put a working experience in Florence in their curriculum, doing an internship for some months, while going on as students in an advanced class. For the most dedicated student it is certainly an interesting option, to test their knowledge of Italian language in a “real” environment. Most of the students who profit from this opportunity come from Japan, and usually they are doing internships in restaurants, hotels (at the moment we have a student at Hotel Baglioni, the hotel which caters to the Pitti fashion fairs participants), bars, shops. We already organised internships in art galleries, internet firms, and fashion ateliers as well. Scuola Toscana provides all the necessary documents and help the students in finding the right place.


Scuola Toscana provides the necessary papers for the internship experience.

All the internships organised so far had very positive results, not only for the students, but also for the owners and the manager of of the various firms.

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