Visit to Museo della Misericordia

“Misericordia di Firenze” The Venerable Confraternity of Mercy of Florence, is one of the most enduring civic institutions, being born during the 1200s.

Since its inception the Confraternity has provided to transport the sick in hospitals and to organise funeral services; moreover, among the tasks of the Misericordia there was the donation of dowry to the poor girls, the release of the prisoners from the prisons for debt, the provision of subsidies to indigent patients and for the burial of the poor.

Today, the Association is called to face new emergencies, offering a wide range of services: patients transportation, health care, social residences for the elderly, family counseling, specialist clinics, civil defence, free rental of medical equipment, food aid.

mis 1

In february the refurbished Museo della Misericordia will reopen to the public, and of course we have already planned an activity to visit the museum. Our teacher Caterina has already had a preview (behind these doors) in order to prepare the visit of our students…

As for now, you can enjoy a virtual tour here

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