Like it or not, a school of Italian language for foreigners is not allowed to be just a school of Italian language anymore.
It is not enough to have the best teachers, the smartest programs, the smallest classes and the most interesting books; you have to offer all of this plus something more, Italian language and… Art History, Jewelry, Fresco Painting, Drawing, Fashion and design, etc. etc.
If you have read some of the topics of this blog you will have realised that to offer the best quality in many of these activities you have to cooperate with other nice business in town. The value of the school in this case is the value of its connections.
You build a network of reliable colleagues to whom you can entrust your clients.
So, it is nice when part of the network is made by your friends, or your teachers, who double as business partners.

Here you see a cooking class by Cook&Eat – created by our teacher Manuela with some friends.

Our students tried this new cooking school (here above the courses schedule for February, just to let you have an idea) – and they were enthusiastic – we are happy to have another friend helping us to build the Scuola Toscana network !


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