Promised answers

Here the promised answers to the Italian quiz presented in Japan and to our readers some posts ago:

1.Millions of tourists come every year to Florence to see the statue of a naked guy. What’ s the statue’s name and who made it ?
* David… of Michelangelo

2.Close to Scuola Toscana there is a narrow street named “via Torta”. “Torta” means crooked, and, as a matter of fact, this street makes a very strange curve. Why ?
* Originally there was the Roman’s Anfiteatro, and the street followed the round wall. After the Anfiteatro disappeared, the street remained with this shape until our days. If you were at one of the “Segreti di Firenze” walks you would have learned it !

3.Florence is well known in the world as a capital of Renaissance art, thank to huge investments of the family Medici.
Among these names, which one does not belong to any Medici ?
Anna Maria Luisa

* Marco (More information with the Art History Courses of Scuola Toscana…)

4. One of the most importants dishes of the Florentine cuisine is the so-called “Ribollita”. Which is the main ingredient of the Ribollita ?

* bread (for more information, attend a cooking course at Scuola Toscana !)

5.Which is the most Michelin-starred restaurant in Florence ?

* Enoteca Pinchiorri, which happens to be very close to Scuola Toscana, just 5 minutes walk !

6.Which is the name of the area close to Florence which gives the name to the most famous Florentine wine ?

* Chianti (we just have been there last week on a school organised tour)

7.Fiorentina is the name of the soccer team of Florence. When did this team win the Italian Serie A League ?

* 1968

8.Florence is also one of the capital of fashion. Which one of these fashion houses was not born in Florence ?

* Valentino – by the way, if you attend the Fashion and Design Course at Scuola Toscana you will know everything about it !


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