Scuola Toscana Specials

Everyone in our trade knows that the so called extracurricular activities can make the difference with the competition; yes, students come to study Italian, but they come here because they want to be in Florence, in Tuscany.
Therefore, you have to show them Florence, and Tuscany as well. As everyone else, we do have the standard catalog of visits to the city highlights: Uffizi, Accademia, Duomo, Santa Croce…
But now, we want to offer something more : to everyone who has already experienced the “three days tour”, to everyone who is in Florence since some months, to the students who are already expert in art history, and wish to go deeper.
Scuola Toscana Specials are activities especially designed by our teachers who are also art history lovers: they have their special places in Florence and their favourite artists; they have “discovered” hidden masterpieces, and got to learn peculiar anecdotes and stories… and they want to share these treasures with someone who is interested in “going further”.
“I segreti di Firenze” is one of these Specials; here the students explore downtown Florence with the teacher Caterina, and get to know many stories of the past through a series of anedoctes and trivia. It was so succesful that Caterina had to make the sequels “I segreti di Firenze II” and “I segreti di Firenze III”…
Another Special is “I cenacoli di Firenze“, a walk which crosses the center of Florence and centuries of art history following the theme of the Last Supper Frescoes: with examples by Ghirlandaio, Perugino, Andrea del Sarto… (the pictures refers to this activity)


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