Some of you asked me about this exercise… it is one of the nicest in this nice book, I like it because you do not need to do copies, and you can do it also by yourself (in these old books there are many exercises you can do without the teacher, probably they were meant also for self-teaching).

Here you have a small story, and then the story is repeated with some blanks in place of some words, then is repeated again with more words “erased” and so on, until in the end there are more blanks than written words. The idea is every time to cover the previous text and try to figure out the missing words, and again and again until you are almost able to remember the whole text. It is very good to learn words, lexical chunks, and grammatical modules. It is not so different with the things you used to do in the language laboratories…

You can do it very easy in class, or even alone, with some text you like, erasing the words every time.


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