For every Italian the aperitivo is a very important tradition and a part of the everyday life. An aperitivo is normally an alcoholic drink with a light meal after a hard-working day, which Italians usually enjoy at the end of the day with some friends. While drinking it, a calm and relaxed atmosphere prevails and everyone communicates with each other and leaves work-problems behind them. In other words, it’s like a warmup for the dinner. In every town and country of the Italian peninsula you’ll find lots of bars and restaurants that offer the traditional aperitivo. The snacks that claim the aperitivo normally are salty and don’t replace the dinner. Typical snacks are for example, small pieces of pizza, meat balls, cheeses and a lot of other delicious finger-food. Initially it was a tradition that started in northern Italy, in the area of Milan. Time by time it spread out and now it’s all over Italy. Here in Florence, the aperitivo is also a very common thing and very loved by tourists. The special thing of the florentine aperitivo is that you can enjoy it while watching the sunrise all over the city, as there are a lot of rooftop bars that are specialized for the aperitivo. As the sun goes down thousands of colors spread awide and Florence looks like a kind of paradise. The only thing is that these rooftop bars are often fully booked and you need a reservation, especially on the weekends. So, if you want to experience such an unforgettable moment please make sure to have a reservation. If you are travelling to Italy one day, hopefully to Florence, don’t miss the chance to experience such a nice thing and don’t forget to stop a long and take pictures.


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