Pausa Caffè / Coffee Corner

Ancora una novità per i nostri studenti, un angolo caffé dove ci si può fare un caffè ( o un té ) da soli, con il nostro semplice bollitore, le nostre tazze – caffè e tè offerto dalla scuola – chiediamo solo di lavare le tazze dopo l’uso (naturalmente non utilizziamo bicchieri di plastica usa e getta) e tenere pulito, per i colleghi !


Another novelty for our students, a coffee corner where everyone can make a coffee (or a tea), with our simple kettle, our cups, and with coffee and tea offered by the school – we just ask to wash the cups after use (of course, we didn’t want to use disposable plastic cups, there is always too much of plastic allover ) and keep the place clean for the other students !



Early morning, Fortezza & Pitti Uomo

Same place, same hour, 7.30 in the morning, just got off the bus. The bus stop area at Montelungo (which a side entrance to the central railway station of Santa Maria Novella), at the side of the Fortezza da Basso, today looks like this:


Pitti Uomo Fashion Show is over, and all this trucks are waiting to enter the field of the fairground and reload the fair equipment (most of them are heading to Milan, for the following fashion fair). During the day this queue will lenghten to some kilometers. Better to avoid any car today and go by public means of transportation. Still better, go walking. Florence is a small city. Just 50 minutes walk from home to work…

Early morning, Fortezza

On the other side of the Railway Station Santa Maria Novella, the “Fortezza da Basso”, designed by Michelangelo as defense of the Florentine Republic, thousand times remodeled and redone, now home to most of the Pitti fairs


from anywhere you arrive, Fortezza da Basso is one of the symbolic points of Florence that indicate the end of the “periferia” and the beginning of the “centro storico”.

Early morning, SMN Railway Station


When I see these tall poles I’m halfway to my destination. Basicly in this part of my route I walk along the railway line that comes out the main Florence station of Santa Maria Novella. (Santa Maria Novella is a head station). Florence is not a cold city in winter, it tends rather to be humid, and foggy, but some mornings the sky can be very clear… and temperature around zero.

Going to work

Florence is not only its famous historical centre, its monuments, its tourists, but all in all is a small city – you just walk some minutes more and find yourself out of the most celebrated streets, and then what the Florentine call “periferia”. Periferia is where most of us – directors, staff, instructors – are living, and every working day we come from periferia to centro in various styles. Personally, I take the bus and then walk, quite a lot of walking. In the next posts, I will show some of the views of the city that I get during my walks, early in the morning.

This was about seven in the morning approaching the “viali” some ten minutes walk from the railway station of Firenze Santa Maria Novella. A flock of starlings, quite common now in the Italian cities, where they roost in the night to commute to the country during the day.  As you can imagine, nice as they look, there are some problems with their dejections, so that in some places the authorities put loudspeaker imitating hawk screeches, to scare them…

Regalo di Natale

Anche questo Natale a Scuola Toscana pensiamo di restituire qualcosa di quello che abbiamo ricevuto.

Ogni anno tante ragazze, ragazzi, donne e uomini si mettono in viaggio per venire da noi a Firenze, a imparare o perfezionare la lingua, a godere delle bellezze della nostra città, a fare nuove amicizie; e noi cerchiamo di fare del nostro meglio per accoglierli nel modo migliore, così che la loro sia un’esperienza indimenticabile.

Dovremmo accogliere ancora meglio, con più rispetto e con ancora più attenzione e calore, coloro che vengono perché sono costretti a farlo, dalla guerra, dalla fame, dalla impossibilità di vivere una vita normale.

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Anche quest’anno collaboriamo con l’Alto Commissariato delle Nazioni Unite per i Rifugiati (UNHCR), per dare almeno un contributo a chi accoglie i nostri fratelli.