Marathon Square

Florentines seem to be really passionate about city competitive walks, marathons, half-marathons and the like. As soon as spring arrives, almost every Sunday there is some competition open to all, amateurs and professionals. It must be said that, if it is true that Italian do not excel in organizing (more serious) things,  these events are organized perfectly, with off-limits roads, closed parkings, fenced sidewalks, cancellation of buses etc. – everything for the event to go smoothly.
For those who are not participating, that’s their problem.
I do not know why, but “our” square of Santa Croce is regularly chosen as the starting point and final goal for all these races (did not we have a stadium?)

As for those of us who use to work in the area on Sundays – sorry, this is not contemplated, it is a great festival of sport and everyone has to make party: now there is even a disc-jockey who starts babbling at 8.30 AM (for the few remaining inhabitants of the center, who maybe would like to sleep on Sunday morning, who cares).

Well, the show is beautiful, as you can see from the photos but … Sunday being the only day the center is open to traffic, we at Scuola Toscana use it not only to do our preparation work, but also to make our small deliveries  (bulky rubbish, old furniture, some supplies), … but during the marathon season – forget it. The area is only reachable by walk, and with some effort… We have to keep at school all the old stuff, until next winter comes..!



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