In support of UNHCR

Every year hundreds of foreign students come to us to study the Italian language and to visit our country, and we welcome them with joy .
Every year many other foreigners come to our country, not because
they want to, but because they are fleeing hunger, wars, totalitarian regimes. They have lost everything, they put their lives at risk. Their only fault, to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. We must welcome them with even greater commitment.
Noone can remain indifferent to their desperation.
Also this year we at Scuola Toscana support UNHCR, the UN agency for refugees. This year Scuola Toscana joins the initiative “un impresa speciale / a special enterprise” , in which small and medium-sized enterprises helps UNHCR to buy assets essential to the survival of refugees: tents, stoves, blankets.
You can find our logo here , along with that of other colleagues
who have decided to cooperate with UNHCR ; we are proud of this
initiative and invite everyone this Christmas to support UNHCR .


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