All Saints’ Day in Italy

An interesting article by a friend blogger about Ognissanti (originally we do not have Halloween, it is an “imported” holiday)

Madeinitalymall's Blog

Article about All Saints’ Day published by l’Italo Americano by l’Italo Americano staff on November 1, 2015:

The Festa di Ognissanti, the All Saints Feast, is a religious celebration happening November 1st. This feast celebrates all the saints of the Catholic calendar.

The origins of this feast dates back to the past, indeed first records of celebrations held in honor of Christian saints even during the very first centuries of the development of Christianity exist, while writings related to the dedication by Pope Boniface IV of the Roman Pantheon to “Mary and all the martyrs” on May 13th 609 AD can be considered as the symbol inaugurating the tradition.

The feast was moved to November 1st for unknown reasons: some say it was because of Alcuin, the counselor of Charlemagne, to christianize the pagan feast of the Celtic New Year, which allowed for celebrations to last three whole days…

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