Italian Rock’n Roll history

Among the activities offered at Scuola Toscana, the newest is the seminar “La Storia del Rock Italiano”, delivered with verve by our teacher David.

Why and how  the rock’n roll, coming from USA, took place in Italy, how a new audience was born, how the record companies reacted, and then the hits, the social and artistic background of the age between the fifties and the seventies.



“La storia del rock italiano” has the typical format of the Scuola Toscana seminar, it is delivered in good, easy Italian (ok from A2 up) – but you can participate even as a beginner, because even if you do not understand a word (which is impossible, because our teacher are wizards of communication, and usually you find some colleague who will translate some words for you), you can enjoy – in this case the songs – or, in other seminars, the wine, or the tiramisu, or the Italian opera…

And, as a student of Scuola Toscana, you get it for free. Period.


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