7 tips for Italy by train

Florence is situated in central Italy, and is an important train hub – it is possible to get to Rome in 1 hour and to Milan in little more than 2 hrs, with the high speed rail. Therefore, is a good idea to leave your car at home and travel by train – here some useful infos from a very nice blog about Italy

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Photo of train station by sailko from Wikimedia Commons
Photo of train station by sailko from Wikimedia Commons

The topic of train travel in Italy is fresh on my mind after a recent trip to Italy. I have also found that the options for train travel are changing frequently, so an update on this topic is in order.

I am summarizing a couple of tricks I learned this summer when I visited Italy in hopes it will help others get around Italy as adeptly as I was able to during my trip. I found that Italia Rail usually had good options: https://www.italiarail.com/. So, these tips apply to that service, even though there are other options for train travel in Italy.
Tip 1: book in advance, especially in high season. You will nearly always save money if you can book at least a week in advance. As the trains fill up, the seat selection options reduce. I had to…

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