Nippon meets Italy Festival

This week we will dedicate our blog to Scuola Toscana as school of Japanese language – because with Scuola Toscana we will participate to the NiMi Festival at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence.

It’s a small dream which comes true, as in my previous life I worked as Junior Export Manager for an agrobusiness firm, representing the firm in many fairs and expos around Europe, but without much responsibility (I was even forbidden to communicate the prices to the customers…).

Since then I’ve always enjoyed (mostly as a visitor) the special atmosphere of a fair, the stands, the corridors, the lights and colours, people manning the desks and people roaming the halls, the whole circus…

Now it looks as I’m in charge, it is completely different but a lot more exciting – preparation was on the way for the last couple of months, everything now is ready, we got the schedules, the turns at the stand, the workshops, the brochures, the posters…

Our is just a 4×4 meters stand, but we will have tandem-conversation in Japanese, presentation of schools in Japan (ISI Tokyo and Kyoto Minsai, friends from Kyoto Minsai will be at our stand !), and giveaways: booklets about Tokyo and Japan (courtesy of Jinto, the Japanese National Travel Agency), maps of Japan, Japanese-style handkerchiefs, Hiragana/Katakana bookmarks, Japanese grammar books, and so on.

boxes full of advertising material for NiMi Festival in my car's trunk

We’ll keep you informed, as for now have a look at the fair homepage at
NiMi Festival

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