Nascita di una nazione / Dawn of a nation

IMG_1228Florence, city of the Renaissance, has always been living the presence of contemporary art in a conflictual way, the contemporary artists always inevitably called to a comparison – often inappropriate – with the great masters.
Palazzo Strozzi has often presented interesting exhibitions on contemporary art: until next July it is possible to visit “Dawn of a Nation”, a review of Italian post-World War II art, the years of the so-called “economic miracle”.IMG_1227

A new idea of ​​art, projected into the contemporary through an extraordinary vitality of languages, materials and forms. The artistic itinerary of the exhibition starts from the dualism between Realism and Abstraction, continues with the triumph of Informal Art to get to the experimentations on images, gestures and figures of Pop Art in juxtaposition with the experiences of monochrome painting, up to the new languages ​​of Arte Povera and Conceptual Art.IMG_1235

“Dawn of a nation” explores an artistic moment of great importance, not at all ephemeral, which will surely be remembered as one of the most important moments in the history of Italian art.


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