Friday night’s Tandem

Every four months, three times a year, Scuola Toscana and Corsi di Giapponese join their forces to organise the Tandem party.

Italian students of Japanese language and Japanese students of Italian language meet to have conversation exchange; it is not just a loose mixed conversation, but the students are coupled according to their level of knowledge of the language, and the time is divided between Italian language conversation and Japanese language conversation. Of course, after  the first “official” hour, the conversation continues with some snacks and beverages.DSCN1263

It is one of the most appreciated activities of both Scuola Toscana and Corsi di Giapponese, because it is not only a method to improve the knowledge of the language, but also a way to know first-hand a foreign culture, and to make new friends (very special friends, sometimes…).


This time we had also a presentation of Japanese sake (made by a former student of Japanese), with tasting, and a selling of  second-hand Japanese paperbacks.


Tandem si a well established tradition, and many of us look forward to the next edition !!!


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