You Know You’re Becoming a Local in Florence When…

What do you think of this list? Share your toughts with us ! And thank you to Meghan for the nice page ..!

The ISA Journal

Meghan Harmening is a student at Buena Vista University and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Florence, Italy.

Nap time is strictly at 3pm when all of the shops close for the afternoon.

Here in Italy, a majority of stores and restaurants close down around 3pm – it’s simply how the work culture is here. What does that mean for the under-rested college student? Nap time! Really I’m just adjusting to the culture and doing life as the Italians do.

High heels are just as easy to walk in as Converse are.

My first few days here were filled with weak ankles, blisters, and Band-Aids. I would walk around and wonder how in the world these Italian women were walking in 4 inch heels. The cobblestone here is just large enough that with the right steps you could probably get through…

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