An iconic building

how to get there Since the beginning in 1989, the courses of Italian language at Scuola Toscana are hosted in an iconic building in Piazza Santa Croce, in front of the Basilica di
Santa Croce, the largest Franciscan Church in the world,the temple of the Italian Glories.
The building originates in the Medici age (the original underground caves are still
there), had many addition in the following centuries, hosted one of the most important families in the era of Italian Unification and – still today – retains a peculiar fascination linked to the past ages

After 35 years since the last renovation, this summer the whole building has been packed in scaffoldings, scraped,sanded, replastered and repainted in its original colours.

The Italian language school occupies three floors of the building, with the secretary, ten classrooms,one area with vending machines, a video room and
a different wifi source for every floor. The building
has been wholly restored to its original splendor
this year ! Come to visit Scuola Toscana, and its
building full of history !

How to get here

Scuola Toscana building in the center of Florence

Scuola Toscana building in the center of Florence


Scuola Toscana building with scaffolding, summer 2015


After the renovation, the Scuola Toscana building in via dei Benci 23, Florence

after the renovation

The facade of the Scuola Toscana , in the centre of Florence, totally renovated !

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