TRIP TO LUCCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Scuola Toscana’s proposal for the week end is a trip to Lucca guided by Caterina, our specialist in Art history…

Lots of students are enrolled: Erich, leyla, Verena, Claudia, Aline, Renate…we are 30 students!!!!

Everything is ready to start with a beautiful week end trip.

It should be a sunny day the meeting point is at Santa Maria Novella Raylway Station at 8.50, …a bit early but it’s worth it!!!READY to have a wonderful time in one of the nicest medieval Italian city 

A walk through the centre of Lucca becomes an exciting voyage through the centuries, through history.

Apart from the significant monuments, such as the sixteenth-seventeenth century Walls, Lucca stands out in its integrity and its atmosphere as a lively and vital centre. Suffice to look down from on high, from one of its towers, or to wander through the narrow, tortuous Medieval streets: the white marble of superb Romanesque churces, the orange-red or the thirteenth-fourteenth century buildings, the grey of the paving stones, the green of the vegetation peeping out all over that heightens the powerful mass of the ramparts and the surfaces of the Walls that rise, almost unreal, out of the lawns of glacis.

<div class=Lucca is the city that inevitably seduces. Its appeal is probably the result of the city’s history.

Plese bring your camera and be ready to taste SCHIACCIATA in our good company!!

BUONA GITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and be ready for the next week’s activities…………….


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