Scuola Toscana at NiMi Festival

the stand of scuola toscana

The NiMi Festival is over. After a tranquil friday, we had a great saturday and sunday. Was it a success ? Too early to say, usually you can tell it after a couple of months, when the dust is settled and the enrolment (hopefully) start to arrive, with the tag “yes, I got to know you at the fair in Florence…”

the lesson of japanese

the show of Kyoto Minsai school

For sure, it was a lot of fun, for us, and for the public. We made our small contribution with a test lesson of Japanese language for beginner (we discovered that no one who came was a real beginner), and a show of traditional Japanese dance, courtesy of our hosts from Kyoto Minsai School.

scuola toscana team, and tandem

Late afternoon, we organised also a tandem (conversation exchange) between Japanese students of Scuola Toscana and someone of the public who already knew some Japanese language.

l’ultimo TANDEM (per ora)

Il 10 dicembre ultima serata tandem dell’anno – italiano, giapponese, giapponese, italiano, aperitivi e spuntino per tutti – con la presentazione dei nuovi corsi in Italia, ed in Giappone, per il 2011 !
December 10th, the last Italian-Japanese tandem for 2010, with something to drink and to eat for everyone; moreover, presentation of the 2011 courses, in Italy and in Japan !