Lingua e vino

Scuola Toscana insieme agli amici di Wineonline per offrirvi una lezione di italiano davvero speciale: Bernardo Conticelli – esperto internazionale di vino – terrà una lezione sulla produzione del vino in Italia, che seguirete sul vostro computer da casa mentre assaggerete i quattro vini proposti per la lezione – che vi arriveranno per posta !

Un modo diverso di imparare la lingua, e approfondire la cultura del vino. Informazioni e prezzi (speciali):

Scuola Toscana in Japan again!

Later than usual we were in Japan also this year; still a bit jet-lagged and after 2 hrs of Shinkansen from Tokyo, I was excited to present Scuola Toscana at the KCC Kobe Shimbun Bunka Center

Every year we try to find something new to present our courses: this year, thanks to Gerda and Gabriele brilliant idea, I presented a quiz about Florence; seven questions, ranging from very easy to almost impossible, and for every answer there was a small presentation of a “special course” at Scuola Toscana (art history course, fashion and design course, Florence discovery course, Internship course, wine and cooking course)

Given that two students finished on a tie, there was the suplementary final question (“guess: how old is the director ?”) to award the first prize (a bottle of Chianti…) The answer remained confidential, of course !

Last but not least, some further information about the school and Tuscan fingerfood for all the participants

… many thanks to Eri Nawate (Accademia della cultura italiana) who made it possible, and Minae Okada for the translation and organisation in Kobe !