Scuola Toscana in Tokyo, 2

Salone dell’Italiano is over, we were more than happy with our participation, lot of people came to our stand so that our representatives Minae and Maki did not even have time for a break ! Interesting: 50% of visitors at the stand were “senior” students, 50 years + .

As always with the fairs, in the next weeks and months we will realize if the success of public will be also a success in selling our courses… hope so !

First day in Florence, first day at Scuola Toscana !

first day in Florence, first day at Scuola Toscana         2

… and this is the new “first day survival sheet” we hand to the students on their first day at Scuola Toscana (which happens to be also their first day in Florence, sometimes), fully packed with all kind of information we think useful.

This is in German – as the German-speaking students are a good 40% of all our students.

Of course, this is just an handout, for more and more info the student can apply to all the teachers and the staff at the desk !

Work in progress, again

As promised, the works started one years ago are going on.
Here you see the second floor of the school – this is the very place where everything started, almost 23 years ago.

Here we had the reception desk (which doubled as office, for we had no office) and did long hours(8:30 to 19:00); therefore we are a bit nostalgic about the place.

In the years it turned into a computer room and then into the coffee machine (and, later, also snack vending machine) room.
As coffee machine room, it has become also a popular meeting spot.

In this spirit, and following the advice of our teachers, it will become an official meeting space, more confortable, brighter, roomier.

(to be continued)