Success story

For some student to come in Italy is the fulfilling of a dream, for others, at the beginning of their careers, the Italian language course at Scuola Toscana is just the starting point. It is beautiful when they share with us and our teachers their dreams, especially if these dreams involve Italy and the Italian language.

The Internship programme is one of these starting point… when a couple of years ago a Japanese student told me that he dreamed (he used this term, really) to get an Internship at Enoteca Italiana in Siena, we decided to give it a try and – thanks to the kindness of people at Enoteca – it worked !

Now our former student is at his 3rd year at Enoteca Italiana and waiting to formalize his final contract with them – in these years he has learned a lot, worked a lot, met a lot of people from allover the world – and he is writing a very succesful wine blog – just have a look at it here.

You can imagine how we at Scuola Toscana are very proud of our students !

Learning Italian at the Enoteca

For students who stay in Italy for a long time, Internship programme is surely one of the best ways to learn Italian.

With the Internship Programme at Scuola Toscana, the students attend Italian classes in the morning and spend the evenings as trainees in cafes, restaurants, shops, to practice the language and to learn the special lexicon needed at work. To talk with Italian bosses, colleagues, and especially with Italian customers is a great way to improve the knowledge of the real language – really “learning by doing”. No simulations, no roleplaying, this is the real thing.
It is interesting and satisfying, but it requires a good amount of commitment : you go to the school in the morning, have your homework to do, and in the evening you go to work, to learn other skills, always immerse in no-stop Italian. As with all the works, some days can be harder than other days…rewarding but challenging. Our student Izumi seems to be equal to the challenge: she is a very proficient student, comes to her classes every morning for the regular four hours a day course, and in the evening … goes on learning Italian, but at a different place, Enotria, an enoteca in the Porta a Prato area of Florence;

Enotria is a family business, founded 1989 as a wine bar and now a wine restaurant, which caters to office people at lunch and to wine amateurs at dinner. Scuola Toscana has a long-standing partnership with Enotria and Izumi is the third student of Scuola Toscana doing a stage there.

At Enotria Izumi perfects her skills as a wine expert, explaining Italian wines and their qualities to (enthralled) Italian customers.